Gene Gill:  Transitional Series 1967

This undistinguished series represented a major turning point in the artist's direction.  He had shifted exclusively to acrylic paint and was moving away from the figurative work.  The emphasis on the linear pattern found in hair, became the nucleus of a totally new direction.  During this one year, the artist will produce a staggering 102 paintings.

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"Shaped Canvas" Series 1967
The artist's work is mentioned in print for the first time


Kinetic Series 1967

A section of each painting was motorized and rotated clockwise.  The result was very entertaining and the perfect paintings for the "psychedelic 60's."  But the most important element to the artist's development, was the "linear pattern".


"Linear Flight" Series 1967-68

The artist's has his first major showings, and first major reviews (favorable).  He will begin to show regularly in the Los Angeles area and continue to show thru the 70's.



To see the later paintings of the artist:  Gene Gill Paintings from the 70's

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